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6th Dec 2013

Hey everyone!, was wondering who has the ability to live stream while gaming, was kind of thinking a few things here. maybe try to organize a full day event of CCGN as a group playing "target" games to help advertise the clan. low or high ranked its always fun!. a full day of gaming to maybe grab the attention of 2-5 people may just be worth it. as well as maybe once the community gets larger having its own streaming channel "kind of like twitch or w/e but on this website" that way we can kind of check in to what other people are doing and watch them excel at a game.

LASTLY i know most games have a spectate feature of somesort or you can just watch videos on youtube what ever. but i mean whats the harm in live streaming / uploading the streams right to youtube under a clan channel. maybe some ideas if anyone else has input id love to hear as id be completely willing to tackle this project

Joined: 30th Nov 2013
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6th Dec 2013

I have the capability to stream and a Twitch.tv account, just haven't quite figured out the settings to get things smooth yet. League of Legends streams okay, but Counter-Strike for example, everything's very blurry. With all games I take a performance hit while playing, as I don't have a separate rig to stream from. Maybe if I can get my configuration settings dialed in it'd be a possibility. Not sure if it's bandwidth or hardware/config related as of yet though.

Edit: Regarding getting the stream on-site for CCGN, I'd assume there would be some sort of Embed feature... somewhere... just a matter of finding it. Also, regarding my schedule, about the only full days of streaming I'd have available would be on weekends, and that's if I'm not otherwise occupied. Lastly, if anyone's interested in helping me configure the stream, the URL is Twitch.tv/itsnenz and I'd greatly appreciate it.

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15th May 2014

I used to stream pretty regularly. My twitch got banned for streaming while playing poker though... as gambling is against their rules I found out. Lost all my followers and stats due to that, so I quit streaming for quite awhile. It's really hard to get started. Now that I'm ready to put a lot more time into gaming, I'll be streaming once again. If anyone would like to help me out with following me, it'd be appreciated. Roughest part is getting the first 500 followers and 30 regular watchers. From there it snowballs if you improve your gameplay.

Also a note: if anyone has capability of faking viewers/ views/ follows. Please do NOT use it. I do know how to do this, but I plan to become partnered with twitch down the road. They will flag your account if they detect faking of anything and prohibit you from ever becoming a partner without your knowledge. I'd rather not be working towards that and only be making futile efforts. Slower is fine. It'll come in time. (For those who don't know, being partnered is when you get the subscribe feature, so that your watchers can subscribe for $4.99 a month, which you get half of. You also get the ability to control ads, playing them in load screen for example or downtime when you get up for a minute. Then you get a portion of the revenue generated by the ads. It's not a whole lot, but it's still something to strive for.)
Forum » Forums » General Discussion
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