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Seeking Duos to Level and Duos for ranked S4
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Joined: 31st Oct 2013
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4th Nov 2013

Name- Aleckstrazae... anyone may add me.  Only request is you not have downs and learn from mistakes.
Joined: 29th Oct 2013
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30th Nov 2013

Added yah up Wabba, i Prefer ADC or SUPPORT but can any role going to make Ranked team for CCGN? my name is yoShi on LoL btw look foward to playing with u. only ranked Silver last season as i didnt play to meny games, but deff play above silver level once i shake my rust off

Joined: 31st Oct 2013
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16th May 2014

Well, I hadn'tp layed any from then til now. lol. Got busy with irl shit. Jumped straight into ranked a week and a half ago when I came back without reading any patch notes/ changes/ new champions, etc... got placed bronze II. Been working on getting my mechanics back down and learning some different champs compared to my old style of play. Though Nidalee will always be a fallback for me. Put in a little over a hundred games in a week and a half or so... got myself up to almost a 50% winrate now following two five game winstreaks and then a 7game winstreak that took me up to Silver V just a bit ago. Now onwards to Gold if anyone wants to join me on the way.
Forum » Forums » League of Legends
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